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Windshield Replacement Services in Calgary with Speedy Apollo

Windshield Replacement Services Calgary Drivers Can Trust

Get Rid of Your Cracked Windows Once and for all with Windshield Replacement in Calgary

Come to Speedy Apollo Auto Service Centres for window repairs and windshield replacement in Calgary at our 6 locations.

Because we want you to have a one-stop shopping experience, we can also replace your windshields, side door windows, rear windows, and immovable window lights. These parts are always top quality, and our technicians will install your new window in a timely manner so you can be on your way without hassle.

Save on Quality Window and Windshield Repairs

How do you know if you need a windshield replacement in Calgary, Alberta? Ask yourself these questions: Is air leaking around the edges of your windshield? Is your window not defrosting as it should? If you answered yes, don’t worry—we can help. If some elements of your window are not operating correctly, bring your vehicle in and we will diagnose the problem. We will repair the following items:

  • Windshield chips
  • Side door windows
  • Rear windows
  • Electric window motors
  • Electric window switches and regulators
  • Electric window defroster
  • Wiper blades

These services are currently only available at our Forest Lawn, 39th AVE and Chinook locations. To find out more about our windshield replacement services in Calgary, call us today at 403-272-9255 (Forest Lawn) or 403-253-1210 (Chinook) or 403-237-3339 (39th ave).