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For Expert Brake Fluid Change in Calgary, Call Speedy Apollo

When you put your foot on the brakes to slow or stop your car, the brake fluid transforms the pressure from your foot on the brake pedal into pressure on the hub of your wheels. Car manufacturers differ on when you should schedule a brake fluid change. Calgary drivers should follow the recommendations in their owners’ manuals; in addition, the mechanics at Speedy Apollo recommend that car and truck owners, especially those who pull trailers or other heavy loads through mountainous terrain, be alert to the following signs that brake fluid and brake lines need attention:

  • Dashboard warning light: If the ABS or brake system lights on your dashboard are lit, bring your car in to check brake fluid levels and inspect for possible leaks.
  • Change in the feel of the brake pedal: If your brakes feel "spongy" or if you have to press the pedal harder to get stopping power, this is usually a sign that air or moisture has infiltrated the brake lines due to low brake fluid.
  • Change in the colour of brake fluid: Brake fluid should be clear and slippery and have a slight odour. The high heat generated during braking with heavy loads or on hilly roads can cause the fluid to break down. If your brake fluid is rusty orange, schedule a brake fluid change at a Calgary Speedy Apollo near you.

When to Schedule a Brake Fluid Flush: Calgary Car Owners’ Guide

Should you experience any of the above signs of problems with your brake fluid, schedule a brake fluid flush at a Calgary Speedy Apollo location near you. We will completely remove the compromised brake fluid from the system and replace it with brand new, clean brake fluid.

If your brake fluid is black or smells burnt, this indicates mechanical problems with your braking system that a brake fluid flush alone will not fix. The time to fix a brake problem is before you have trouble stopping during an emergency. Make brake inspection and a brake fluid check at Speedy Apollo a part of your routine maintenance for your car.