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Chassis and Suspension

Vehicle Suspension, Strut and Shock Services in Calgary

Choose us for Suspension Repair, Head Gasket, Shock and Front End Car Repairs

If your car feels like it’s cornering on only two wheels—or if it no longer drives straight without constant steering adjustments—it may be time for new struts or shock installation. Calgary car owners know that the technicians at Speedy Apollo can make any car drive smoothly. If your car is experiencing these problems stop by any of our locations for premium service.

We carry a complete line of Monroe®, KYB® and AC Delco® shocks, air shocks, coil over load assisting shocks, coil springs and complete strut assemblies. We perform sway bar repairs and complete air bag and leaf spring replacements

What is a Car Strut? Calgary FAQs

If you don’t know a strut from a shock, don’t worry. Here are a few things drivers should know about their suspension systems:

  • What are car struts and shocks? In simple terms, both dampen (absorb) spring movement. You can spot a car that has bad struts and shocks because the trunk and/or hood tend to bounce up and down following a quick stop. Shock absorbers control this movement. Struts are similar, but they work better in compact areas, and they’re lighter too. We provide car strut and shock installation repairs at all of our Calgary locations.
  • How do I know it’s time to replace my suspension/struts/shocks? Be on guard if your car has 80,000 to 100,000 (or above) kms on the odometer or is between 5-15 years old. And if your car bounces up and down, drives crookedly, or struggles through turns, you know you’ve waited too long.
  • What are the benefits of suspension repair in Calgary? A much smoother ride is the biggest benefit, but a good suspension system also protects your car’s components from damage as the car goes over bumpy terrain. Additionally, you’ll be safer as you drive with wheels and tires that have even wear.
  • What if I ignore my suspension? Be prepared for higher costs later. Keep your car safe and your costs down now with suspension repair at Speedy Apollo.

Speedy Apollo Auto Service Centres has a new, state-of-the-art digital laser alignment hoist with full front and rear capability, and before-and-after printout feature. We can handle all of your steering and alignment needs including:

  • Ball joints
  • Tie rod ends
  • Coil and leaf spring suspension
  • Control arms and bushings
  • Front and rear multi-link suspension

No matter what front-end car repairs Calgary drivers need, we are ready to service them! Stop by today, or contact us by phone or email for more information.

We provide head gasket, car strut, and suspension repairs at our locations in Calgary including Forest Lawn and Midnapore.

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