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Professional Brake Repair & ABS Car Service in Calgary

Calgary Brake Repair and More at Speedy Apollo Auto Service Centres

The braking system is one of the most critical safety components in your vehicle and it goes without saying that brakes are a high priority when it comes to maintaining your car. At Speedy Apollo Auto Service Centres, we keep your brakes safe and functional. Since 1978, residents have trusted our specialists to provide honest and effective brake repair in Calgary.

Put on the Brakes, Calgary!

We service all types of braking systems, including disc brakes, drum brakes, engine brakes, regenerative braking systems, parking brakes, anti-lock braking systems (ABS) — you name it, we know how to repair or replace it. Also, look to us for ABS car service in Calgary and the area.

If you’re not sure your brakes need servicing, watch for the following common signs:

  • A brake light warning turns on within the dashboard system.
  • Your brakes make a squealing or grinding noise when the pedal is pressed.
  • The car pulls to one side when brakes are applied.
  • There is a loss of stopping power while braking or the pedal suddenly drops. Call a tow truck!
  • The car shakes or shudders when brakes are applied (this may mean warped rotors).

Here’s what to expect from us:

  • We regularly clean brake friction materials, sliding points, and caliper sliders.
  • We change brake fluid and check the parking/emergency braking system.
  • We inspect hoses and lines for any visible degradation or signs of leaks.
  • We watch for rust or pitting on brake rotors or drums.
  • We run diagnostics on your ABS to be sure the computer system report is accurate if required.
  • We educate drivers on problematic driving habits that create excessive brake wear, then recommend alternate styles and habits for improved brake life.

Have further questions about your brakes? Call us today! We provide service to customers at our 2 locations in Calgary including Forest Lawn and Midnapore.

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