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Vehicle Fluids

Professional Vehicle Fluid Service for Calgary Drivers

Whether you are visiting us for a regular tune-up or looking to have a specific issue addressed, vehicle fluid service in Calgary is very important to maintain year-round performance. You may not realize that there are many fluids that need to be checked regularly, not just the oil and coolant. At Speedy Apollo Auto Service Centres, we recommend that you come in for a change of transmission oil every 80,000 km, or you can consult with your owner’s manual for specific recommendations. But remember – what you see in your owner’s manual may simply be the minimum maintenance required under yourfluid warranty and not the optimal care for long vehicle life.

Waiting Too Long Can Lead to Expensive Vehicle Repairs

Don’t wait until your vehicle’s dashboard warning lights come on to visit us for vehicle fluid service. Calgary drivers have trusted us for many years to tune-up their vehicles to avoid costly repairs and damage. In fact, regular vehicle fluid checks are crucial and if not maintained, can result in problems that you may not be able to detect while driving.

Speedy Apollo’s Vehicle Fluid Service in Calgary, Alberta

Our experienced and trained technicians will check most under the hood fluid levels when we change your oil and will let you know if there is a concern. Based on the requirements of your vehicle, we also inspect and maintain:

  • Engine oil – The life blood of your engine
  • Transfer case fluid – Lubrication for your 4 x 4 case
  • Differential fluid – Lubricating oil for front and rear differential assemblies
  • Power steering fluid – Hydraulic oil that helps with steering assist
  • Brake fluid – Hydraulic oil that transfers pressure from your brake pedal to the brakes
  • Transmission filters and oil – Works as a lubricant and a coolant for your transmission
  • Coolant – Used to help regulate the temperature of your engine
  • Washer fluid – Winter antifreeze and summer bug wash

While some of these fluids may run low, such as your oil or windshield washer fluid, others such as brake fluid and transmission fluid are part of a closed system. Vehicle fluids in these closed systems are usually checked for quality rather than volume. If these fluids have begun to break down chemically (often indicated by changes in colour or odour), they do need to be replaced. If these fluids are low, we may recommend checking your systems for leaks.

As a vehicle owner, you want to get the best performance and longest life from your vehicle. Checking vehicle fluid levels and quality is an important part of that routine maintenance. If you begin to notice any of the following issues with your vehicle, get in touch with us immediately for vehicle fluid service at our Calgary locations:

  • Difficulty steering or braking
  • Trouble shifting gears (rough shifting)
  • Engine overheating

Visit Our 2 Locations across Calgary for Vehicle Fluid Service

Do you have questions about how to maintain top performance from your car or truck? Are you curious how often various vehicle fluids might need to be changed? Talk to our mechanics at Speedy Apollo. Our 2 convenient locations across Alberta ensure that you’ll always find a convenient location near you. For vehicle fluid service near Calgary, visit us in Forest Lawn and Midnapore.

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