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Symptoms of Cooling System Problems in the Summer

Many people own a car, but very few actually understand what goes on under the hood. As a top car maintenance company in Calgary, Speedy Apollo strives to prolong the functioning of your vehicle, while also educating car owners about common issues that can be prevented with proper maintenance.

Whether it’s a drive to the cottage or a commute to work, driving in the summer can be a great experience. But while the breeze blows through the windows and the sun shines on your skin, it is also heating your engine. An overheated engine is a common problem during the summer, especially during stop-and-go traffic. As a result, it is important to have your cooling system checked regularly to ensure proper functioning all summer long.

How does a Cooling System Work?

Inside your car’s engine, fuel is constantly burning to get you where you’re going. Most of the combustion that occurs during this process is released through the exhaust system, but some of it will also soak into the engine. The engine runs best when it’s at about 93 degrees Celsius, so the cooling system works to regulate this temperate throughout the summer.

There are two types of cooling systems:

  • Liquid cooling. This system is involves fluid circulating through the pipes and passageways in the engine. As the liquid passes through, it absorbs heat, thus cooling the engine.
  • Air-cooling. This system relies on aluminum fins which cover the engine block. These fins conduct heat, moving it away from the cylinder. A powerful fan then forces air over these fins to cool the engine.

Symptoms of a Cooling System Problem

Sometimes it seems that an overheated engine only occurs when you are on the road, far from a local auto air conditioning repair shop such as Speedy Apollo. That is why it is crucial to look for signs of radiator problems in your car before it can cause very serious damage. The most noticeable symptoms of a cooling system problem are as follows:

  • Overheating. Smoke may come out from under your hood when the engine is getting too hot. It’s very important to visit your local radiator repair shop in Calgary as soon as possible. You will also notice the heating gauge in your vehicle will move from medium to hot. When you see the temperature begin to creep up, pull over to the side of the road and refill your coolant.
  • Leaks. You may notice that the pipes are starting to leak under your car. This will alert you that it is time to have your cooling system checked before heading out on the road.
  • Smell of antifreeze. This one speaks for itself. When you start smelling the sweet smell of antifreeze while driving, visit the nearest car maintenance shop as soon as possible.
  • Repeatedly needing to add coolant. Continuously adding coolant for long periods of time is damaging to your engine. It means that the cooling system is not performing its task correctly. If you notice your car is overheating regularly and your coolant is consistently low, you may want to have your vehicle checked.

Preventing an Overheated Engine

The best method to prevent your engine from overheating is to have Speedy Apollo perform regular service on your cooling system. Fixing an overheated car can be a risky affaire, so it is better left to leave this task to the professionals. Contact us to book your maintenance appointment today so that we can keep you driving all summer long.

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