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Do I Need to Change the Cabin Filters in My Car?

When you take your vehicle in for auto service in Calgary, the technician may ask you if you want to replace your cabin filter. Replacing the filter is part of general vehicle maintenance, and it is one of the most neglected maintenance tasks by vehicle owners. It is especially important as the seasons change to rid your car of that musty, damp smell and to purify the air of dust and dirt.

If you scoff at the idea of replacing your air filter, you may need to first learn about their impact on your vehicle’s safety and performance.

What is a Cabin Air Filter?

Cabin air filters are included in all vehicles manufactured after the year 2000 and keep the air clean inside your vehicle. The filter is installed behind the glove compartment (though some models have them under the hood). Its job is simple: it filters the air that comes through your vehicle’s HVAC system and helps prevent pollutants (including dust, pollen and mildew) from entering, protecting your health and the health of your passengers.

If you have allergies, cleaning out your cabin air filter in the spring is a must. A few benefits of doing so include:

  • Less Allergy Problems – Walking outside is a gamble when you have seasonal allergies. With a new cabin filter, you will be able to get into your vehicle and breathe with ease because pollen will be filtered out before it enters the air.
  • Less Repairs – The filter plays a critical role in your vehicle’s air system maintenance. By replacing it regularly, you can prevent expensive repairs with your air conditioning inside the car. When the filter is dirty, the AC unit works harder and often the motor will burn out long before it is supposed to.

Ideally, you should replace your cabin filter every 15,000 to 25,000 miles. You can check your manufacturer’s owner manual for recommendations as well, as it is usually part of a milestone auto service in Calgary. While you may be tempted to remove and clean them yourself, it is important to leave cabin filter changes to the pros. These filters are much harder to access in newer vehicles, let alone remove, than you might think.

Avoid Costly Auto Air Conditioning Repairs – Have Your Vehicle Serviced by the Professionals

As part of a regular maintenance routine, bring in your vehicle to Speedy Apollo. Our technicians check your cabin air filter during regular oil changes and air conditioning system maintenance appointments to make sure you are breathing in clean air.

Call to schedule your maintenance appointment or bring your vehicle in for auto air conditioning repairs at one of our 2 locations in Calgary today.

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