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5 Signs Your Engine Needs an Immediate Repair

The average engine lasts about 15 years or 200,000 miles. Maintaining your car regularly extends its lifespan so that it can reach that point!

But still, sometimes problems arise that can’t be resolved easily at home.

Taking it in right away for engine repair can help it reach every last mile. Read on to learn five signs that you should take your car to an auto repair shop in Calgary.

1. Decreased Fuel Efficiency

Does your car seem to eat up gas much quicker than it used to? This can signal some car engine problems.

The engine contains a lot of moving parts. Together, they burn gasoline into torque through combustion to make the car run.

When any engine parts do not work properly, it requires more fuel to power the engine. So, you will notice your gas tank falling low.

2. Leaks

If you notice leakage beneath your vehicle, you may need to check the engine. Sometimes, water will drip from the ac and should not cause concern.

However, greasy liquid with a rainbow finish indicates an oil leak. An engine oil leak can lead to disaster if let go.

Colorful puddles with a sweet smell mean your car is leaking antifreeze. This also requires engine service, as this liquid prevents the engine from overheating.

3. Smoke

As in most situations, smoke signals a problem. If it seeps from the hood of your vehicle, it can mean car engine damage.

Blue or grey smoke indicates an engine oil leak. Add oil and call for engine service.

If condensation hits the fuel supplier, it will appear white. Top off your antifreeze to prevent overheating and bring it in.

Black engine smoke can mean anything from a dirty air filter to more dire issues. Do not drive it around until the issue gets resolved or it could destroy your engine.

4. Noises

Your engine should purr like a kitten. Souped-up engines may otherwise roar. Any unusual sounds for your vehicle could require an engine check.

Engine bearings connect the moving pieces so that they can function. When they come loose, you may hear a knocking sound. If they wear down completely, it may turn into a grinding sound.

Squealing indicates a worn engine belt. If it snaps, the engine will stop working immediately and it may go from a cheap fix to something extremely pricey.

5. Odors

Strange odors coming from your car can indicate an engine issue. Engine fluids produce unique scents.

If you smell syrup, check the engine’s coolant. A burning smell indicates an oil leak, even if you do not see the drips.

Rotten eggs signal a serious problem with your fuel system. Smelling mold when you run the car can mean that the air filter gets clogged with organic stuff, like leaves.

Call Your Auto Repair Shop in Calgary

If you notice any potential engine issues with your vehicle, don’t wait. Call your auto repair shop in Calgary to prevent ruining your engine. Waiting too long will only create bigger problems that will cost you more.

You rely on your vehicle, so we offer a dependable service. Make an appointment at our location nearest you!

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