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Things You Should Never Do to Your Automatic Transmission Vehicle

The automotive industry is paramount to Canada’s economy. Just last year, its contribution to the GDP was 12.5 billion dollars.

Since the invention of cars, the industry has seen few changes here and there. However, none was as revolutionary as the integration of automatic transmission systems. The clutch system that comes with the manual transmission proved hard for many new drivers.

With an automatic transmission, engines have a longer transmission life. Even better, you can outsource reliable engine repairs in Calgary to ensure your engine gets the best care.

Keep reading to learn some of the things you shouldn’t do to your automatic transmission vehicle.

Putting Water in the Transmission System

Newer models are more sensitive than older vehicles with manual transmission systems. Avoid putting any water in your transmission system because it can cause permanent damage to your system. Water in your transmission results in locked gears, where you find it hard to shift gears.

Imagine how risky it is driving a car when you can’t shift gears when you need to. Look for transmission and engine repair services immediately if you suspect any leakage of water into your system.

Shifting Gears Without Stopping

Some drivers have a bad habit of shifting gears before the vehicle comes to a halt. Always let the car stop before shifting gears.

Otherwise, you will be creating unnecessary wear on the teeth of your gears. In the long run, this might cost you the entire automatic transmission system.

Using Two Feet

Using two feet while driving might seem an obvious thing to avoid. Yet, the number of drivers who do the same will surprise you.

Using both feet is only necessary when operating a vehicle with a manual transmission. Otherwise, let one foot control both the gas and the brakes as the other footrests. This will help you avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the brakes.

Low Gas Tank

With stiff gas prices, no one expects you to have a full tank round the clock. However, keeping just enough gas for the driving distance is a risky habit.

Your car could run low on gas, just when you need it the most. Avoid keeping your gas tank less than a quarter full at all times. Driving with very little gas not only causes damage to the gas pump but also the electric motor.

Leaving the Car on Drive

The last thing you want is an overheated engine. It can result in permanent damage and expensive repairs.

Having the car in the drive for a long period without driving causes overheating issues. Leave the car in park if you intend to sit in your car for a long time without driving.

Neutral While Downhill

Nothing tempts you more to shift to neutral than driving down a hill. However, shifting gears to neutral only slows the car down.

Besides, you don’t have full control of the vehicle and this could be extremely risky in case of an emergency. Most drivers fall prey to the myth that shifting gears to neutral saves them fuel. Avoid that shift to neutral when driving downhill.

Find Engine Repairs in Calgary

The above habits could result in permanent engine damage. Avoid them to enjoy a longer engine and transmission life.

If you are experiencing any car issues, get in touch with us at Speedy Apollo for your engine repairs in Calgary. We will take proper care of your car and offer tips on how you can keep riding smoothly.

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