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Dashboard Warning Lights & What to Watch For

Dashboard warning lights can often be a cause of concern, especially if a driver is unfamiliar with what they mean. Most of the time, lights that come on unexpectedly indicate a problem that should be addressed as soon as possible If a dashboard light flashes or stays on while you are driving, it is important to take your vehicle to a repair shop and understand what they mean before you experience further issues.

The most common lights are yellow or orange warning sign that indicate something needs to be repaired or serviced. Not all warning lights are universal. Always refer to your owner’s manual to know what the light means before making an assessment on your own. The following is a brief list of the most common warning lights used by auto manufacturers:

Battery/Charging Alert: Indicates voltage level is below normal level and the vehicle’s charging system is not functioning properly. A technician will check the battery terminals, alternator belt, and battery condition to determine if repairs are necessary.

Coolant Temp Warning: Indicates temperature has exceeded normal limits. You’re your auto repair shop in Calgary will check for coolant level, fan operation, radiator cap, and coolant leaks.

Transmission Temperature: Transmission is operating at higher than normal temperature and transmission fluid is hotter than normal. In this case, it would be important to have your transmission fluid and engine coolant levels assessed.

Oil Pressure Warning: If this light stays lit, your vehicle may be experiencing a loss of oil pressure. Take your car in for auto service in Calgary as soon as possible to check the oil levels and pressure.

Service Vehicle Soon: Typically indicates a lighting or other electrical problem that is controlled by the BCM (body control module). Check all lights, including head lights, turn signals, brake lights, and hazard lights. This symbol may also be used to warn a driver of a traction control problem, or a communication problem between modules.


Brake System: Indicates one of three possible conditions: parking brake is on; problem with the braking system/brake fluid is low, or ABS problem. Check brake fluid and make sure the parking brake is fully released. If the problem is in the ABS system, your vehicle may need to be taken to a car repair shop for diagnosis in Calgary.

At Speedy Apollo, our trusted technicians will run a diagnostic on your vehicle to determine the problem. Our scan equipment is specifically designed for the Canadian industry with access to some of the best online troubleshooting and diagnostic software, as well as access to proprietary engine and body control modules. If you’ve noticed lights begin to flash or come on your dashboard, contact us today for car engine and warning light service in Calgary.

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