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When to Install Winter Tires

No matter where you live or what time of vehicle you drive, winter driving conditions will impact your vehicle’s performance. The truth is that many people are unsure about how to manage their winter tires. There is no particular month or date that is best for winter tire installation, but it is recommended that you monitor climate conditions and begin planning as soon as temperatures drop.

Once outdoor temperatures reach below 7 degrees Celsius, you should consider changing to winter tires in order to benefit from the increased traction, braking, and handling they provide. When temperatures drop below -10 Celsius, all-season tires are less effective and don’t have the ability to remain pliable.

When choosing a winter tire, consider your driving needs:

  • Do you live where cold temperatures are common?
  • Do you drive on icy or snowy roads regularly?
  • Do you have to use your vehicle every day, regardless of the weather?
  • Do you drive off main streets and roads in winter?
  • Do you drive early in the morning or late at night in winter?

For your own safety and the safety of your passengers, install tires on your vehicle which correspond to the winter driving conditions that are relevant to you. Take into consideration how much winter driving you will do, your driving habits, local driving conditions, and the level or safety and performance you expect from your vehicle and its tires. Tests conducted by Transport Canada revealed that all-season tires veered off the testing track at speeds of 40 to 50 km/h – a problem that did not occur with vehicles using winter tires. Another study, conducted by Quebec’s Transportation Ministry, showed a proper winter tire can improve braking by up to 25 per cent over all-season radials and can improve collision avoidance by about 38 per cent.

When deciding when to install your winter tires:

  • Plan ahead and book an appointment with your local auto repair shop in Calgary to have your winter tires installed. Because everyone will have the same idea, making this appointment ahead of time will ensure you secure your spot and have your tires on before the weather becomes treacherous.
  • Install winter tires when the temperature in your area averages 7 degrees Celsius or less.
  • Transport Canada recommends installing four winter tires of the same brand and wear, not just two, ensuring the tires react consistently to the weather conditions.
  • Winter tires provide added traction and will give you the added confidence you need when driving during poor conditions in the winter months.

Talk to your Speedy Apollo Auto Services Centre professional about your driving habits and the winter road conditions you drive in to determine what kind of winter tires are best for you. We carry many brands and makes of tires to suit your needs and provide tire repair services if needed. Contact us today at one of our locations in Calgary to book your appointment: Bowness, Forest Lawn, Midnapore and  Westbrook.

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