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Planning a Summer Road Trip | Speedy Apollo

With the summer season right around the corner, there’s no better time to load up the car with supplies and head out on a summer road trip. Roll down the windows, turn up the stereo, and get ready for four months of warm weather, cloudless skies, and — wait, car maintenance?

While it might seem like a great idea to head out on the road as soon as the temperature changes, it is important to prepare your vehicle for the long drive ahead to avoid squeaky breaks, flat tires, and an overheated engine.

Preparing for a trip starts with making sure your car is in tip-top shape

When it comes to making sure your car is ready for a long summer road trip, you should complete a preparedness checklist to know exactly what needs a check-up, tune-up, or regular maintenance. Below is a list of car parts to keep in mind before heading out on the road:

  • Coolant and oil should be on your mind before heading out. If you’re driving and you notice that your engine is heating up quickly, especially in warm weather, you may wish to take your car in for a coolant flush. We also recommend coming into one of our locations for an oil change to avoid any issues during your drive.
  • Batteries are incredibly important, and though they can last a long time, it’s best to get your battery checked after winter to make sure it is still in good shape before heading out on a long trip.
  • Air conditioning is also one of the most important areas to have checked, especially if you are travelling on a hot summer day. Make sure that your car’s air cooling system is fully functional, and also have your air filters checked to ensure the cool air entering your cabin is clean and filtered properly.
  • Wheels, tires, and brakes are also affected by a cold winter, and with fluctuating temperatures – especially between extreme cold and extreme heat – it is always a good idea to have your wheels checked for punctures and alignment issues. As for brakes, salty driving conditions do a number on your car’s pads and rotors, so visit one of our locations to make sure that your car is in safe driving condition before heading out.

Preventative Maintenance: Think Ahead & for a Safe Trip

The longest road trip ever recorded, spanning 180 countries and 692,227 km began on Oct. 18, 1984, and is still going to this day. While this does seem like an incredible feat, for the average driver, a car ride can be considered long if it is over an hour and a half. It is recommended that car owners be conscience of having their cars maintained for these lengthy trips to avoid failures or emergencies along the way. Stay safe this summer, and plan the road trip accordingly.

At Speedy Apollo, we strongly recommend visiting our service centres in Calgary for vehicle fluid service, an oil change, tire repair, and regular car maintenance before heading out for your summer adventure. Visit our website for more information about our tune-ups and maintenance, or to book your next appointment.

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