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The Proper Way to Deal with an Oil Leak

Have you noticed a slick brown stain on your driveway? Did your oil light come on while you were on the freeway? Did you notice blue smoke coming out of your tailpipe? All of these are signs of an oil leak. An oil leak may seem like a minor problem in need of repair; however, if not dealt with quickly, it can turn into a serious problem.

Your car cannot run without oil. If oil levels become too low, you can burn the engine and blow a rod. This means replacing your engine altogether. In this case, you will unfortunately be paying a pretty hefty price for something that could have been prevented with frequent oil changes in Calgary.

What Causes an Oil Leak?

There are a number of elements that can cause an oil leak. Your gaskets and seals could have deteriorated prematurely due to excess oil settling on them. Bolts can also loosen in time and contribute to an oil leak. Gaskets and seals may also begin to expand, weakening the seal they are supposed to create.

By ignoring the fluids in your car, you run the risk of contributing to the problems below:

  • Your car overheating
  • Difficlity starting, stopping or steering the car
  • Loud noise from the engine (knocking or whining)
  • Wearing out important parts of your car, including the gears and bearings

How to Solve the Problem

First things first; schedule regular oil changes in Calgary. Getting a routine oil change will prevent leaks and damage from occurring to the inside of your vehicle. Your oil filter and gaskets will be changed during the process and if there is a leak, the technician will be able to address it at that time. This will save you a great deal of money in the long run.

We recommend having your oil changed about every 5,000 km to avoid any issues with low fluid levels. Transmission oil is also another area to pay attention to; however, this does not have to be changed until your car has reached close to 80,000 km. The owner’s manual in your vehicle will provide more specific requirements for when this should be changed and maintained.

The most important thing to do is address oil leaks immediately. It is less expensive to simply call an auto service company in Calgary such as Speedy Apollo for vehicle fluid service than to have to pay for expensive repairs down the road. Speedy Apollo is a local car repair and service shop with 2 locations in Alberta. We handle all vehicle fluids including oil changes in Calgary.

If your car is in need of an oil change in Calgary or car maintenance, call Speedy Apollo directly or visit our website. Speedy Apollo is here to take care of all your car service needs.

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