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engine indicator showing car is overheating

Tips to Keep Your Car from Overheating

A hot engine can cause many problems, including forcing you to constantly pull over and wait for things to cool down. When you can’t get where you need to be, you know that your vehicle has a serious issue that…

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vehicle fluids

Six Easy Ways to Extend Your Car’s Life

Along with your home, your car is probably one of the biggest investments you’ve ever made. For your car to run smoothly for as long as possible, you should take the best care of it you possibly can. Fortunately, this…

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new tire

How You Know When You Should Buy New Tires

If any part of your car breaks, the ordeal with definitely ruin your entire day. But you can probably deal with a broken headlight, a broken speedometer or a broken mirror until you’ve fulfilled your obligations for the day—you can’t do the…

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car recently in an accident

6 Sure-fire Ways to Ruin Your Ride

Your car is most likely your second largest investment, if not your first. Proper care and maintenance is the key to keeping your ride alive on the long road ahead. Cars have gotten more efficient and technical, which is great…

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