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calgary driver having issues with their heat

Symptoms of a Vehicle Heating System Problem

There are a few truths about Calgary, including its cold winters and our love for cars. But what happens when these two are at odds? If the heating system in your vehicle suddenly stops working in the middle of winter,…

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windshield with ice one it

Winter Windshield Wipers and Washer Fluid

The most important component of staying safe while driving around the streets of Calgary in the winter time is having clear visibility. One of the best ways to ensure good visibility is to have well-functioning windshield wipers and to use…

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Speedy Apollo mechanic working on car

Avoiding Wheel Alignment Issues in Calgary

Wheel or suspension alignment on most vehicles is designed to minimize wear and tear and maximize driver and passenger comfort. If you notice that your vehicle pulls significantly to the left or right when you are travelling on a straight,…

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